StarCraft II 5.0.9 PTR Patch Notes

Ander . Legacy of the Void, LotV, Patch 1478

Érkezik egy patch, ami a Publikus Teszt Szervereken már el is érhető, és a következőket tartalmazz:
Shield Battery
– Starting Energy reduced from 100 to 50 outside of the next field

Dark Templar
– Now have a 0.75s attack delay after blink

Void Ray
– Increased build time from 37 to 43
– Increased mineral cost from 200 to 250

– Can no longer transfuse off creep

Widow Mine
– Reduced the effectiveness of drilling claws from 0.71 seconds to 1.07 seconds

– Reduced the effectiveness of adaptive talon from 0.71 seconds to 1.07 seconds

Nydus Worm
– Increased starting creep by 1 unit in each direction around the worm once it spawns

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