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Cross Region Play és Chat Channel

Bashiok megerősítette, hogy lesz majd Cross Region Play, vagyis tudnak majd az emberek egymással játszani különböző kontinenseken is, pl. EU-US, anélkül, hogy két különböző játékot kellene megvenni. Természetesen ez az opció nem a megjelenés napjától lesz elérhető,hanem csak hónapokkal később de addig is folyamatosan dolgoznak a Blizzard munkatársai a probléma megoldásán.

Getting people online, playing and interacting is obviously the overall goal for the platform, and that includes allowing people to play across regional boundaries as they have in the past.

Unfortunately, there are a multitude of challenges we have to overcome due to the unique regional account and billing options that didn’t exist in the past. But those hurdles aren’t insurmountable, and we are looking into solutions that will allow interested players to obtain access to other regional versions without having to buy another full copy of the game. Those solutions are something we’re currently planning to have available through Account Management within the first few months of StarCraft II’s release.

Before that solution is implemented though, you’re correct in that you’d need to purchase a US copy of the game on launch day to play in the US region.

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